"Azerbaijan`s possession of large reserves of oil and gas is our nation`s good fortune and is the most important factor for the welfare of its people and the country`s development, now and in the future".
Heydar Aliyev

The 22nd International Caspian Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference

On June 3-5, 22nd International Caspian Oil and Gas conference were held in Baku. The organizer of forum “ITE Group Plc” Senior Advisor of the..

In the frame of Azerbaijan Republic President Ilham Aliyev visit Turkey, Anatolian vocational and technical high school was opened on March, 17 in Kars city. Azerbaijan Republic President Ilham Aliyev, Turkey President Rajab Tayyib Erdogan and Georgia President Georgi Margvelashvilli have taken a part at ceremony. 


SOCAR opened a new school with three countries’ presidents in Kars

Our President made a great speech at the ceremony and noted that, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia Union has changed the landscape of region in the energy field. New bright pages are added to the history of this cooperation. Azerbaijan President said that, ”the energy projects which we carried out together made us stronger, made new opportunities for our nations, increased our economic, political power. Azerbaijan had started to invest in Turkey. The result of this investment all of us important energy projects would carry out. At the same time SOCAR had been started to invest in education sector of SOCAR. SOCAR-Azerbaijan-State Oil Company has started to invest 20 billion in Turkey. Five high schools and schools have been built in Kars, Ankara, Kojaeli, Jeyhan, Aliaga. This is the investment of education sector. So, this is the investment of our future. Stipulating of any countries successful development is level of its education, science. We must try to develop these issues both Azerbaijan and Turkey after this. President Ilham Aliyev emphasized that, professionals who educated at new opened school of Kars will serve to Turkey and Azerbaijan interests. He said that, Kars was updated, was developing, jobs which was done today, especially TANAP project would open the new opportunities for Kars.

Turkey President Rajab Tayyib Erdogan said in his speech that, they always felt the suffers and pain of Azerbaijan nation who exposed to genocide in Karabakh. And declare that, Turkey and Azerbaijan would be together always. He said that, Heydar Aliyev played a great role in the development and strengthen Turkey Azerbaijan friendship, he has remembered with great respect, his memory alive in every side of Turkey and would be alive after this. And he also noted that, the festive opening of Kars school was a good example for this. Rajab Tayyib Erdogan has said that, Heydar Aliyev Anatolian High and Technical School would bring new breathe to development of industry, serve to development of region in Kars city.