"Azerbaijan`s possession of large reserves of oil and gas is our nation`s good fortune and is the most important factor for the welfare of its people and the country`s development, now and in the future".
Heydar Aliyev

The 22nd International Caspian Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference

On June 3-5, 22nd International Caspian Oil and Gas conference were held in Baku. The organizer of forum “ITE Group Plc” Senior Advisor of the..

In May this year, the 70th anniversary of victory during 1941-45 wars over fascism has been celebrated solemnly in our country.


No one is forgottеn and nothing is forgotten

According to President Ilham Aliyev’s order “Preperations for the 70 th anniversary of Victory and action plan on celebrating during 1941-45 war years anniversary which war veteran and prominent oil scientist Abdulaga Javadov was guest of company at the ceremony held in the theme of ”No one is forgotten, Nothing is forgotten” in State Oil company. Since 1941, Mr. Cavadov had been participant of the Second World War and heroically had been taken part at battles till the last day of war. After graduating from Higher Oil Academy with honorary diploma in 1954, he worked as geologist in “Balakhanioil”. During his production period in 1962, he defended the candidate at geology field and doctorak dissertation in 1970. In 1981-1986 he worked as a professor, Head of the department, Geology, Oil and gas fields exploration.He was an author of over 120 scientific papers, head of 12 science candidates. SOCAR President Rovnag Abdullayev talked about combat and labor exploit of brave sons and daughters of Azerbaijan in those year. Then talked about Baku oilmen’ uniqie role in the completion of the war with victory. SOCAR President congratulated veterans who played great role to educate young people in the spirit of national patriotism, wished them longlife and healt.Then, film was shown which dedicated to the 95th anniversasry of outstanding oilman Abdulaga Javadov. Abdulaga Javadov talked about heroically fighting of hundreds Azerbaijani sons and daughters in front and rare facades, showing courage and bravery at defense of the motherland.He talked about memories of thewar.Abdulaga Javadov thanked to Azerbaijan Republic Mr. Ilham Aliyev according to his attention and care to war veterans.