"Azerbaijan`s possession of large reserves of oil and gas is our nation`s good fortune and is the most important factor for the welfare of its people and the country`s development, now and in the future".
Heydar Aliyev

The 22nd International Caspian Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference

On June 3-5, 22nd International Caspian Oil and Gas conference were held in Baku. The organizer of forum “ITE Group Plc” Senior Advisor of the..

This year, Baku has hosted 47th International Chemistry Olympiad jointly European and worldwide events.


International Chemistry Olympiad

Olympiad has been held with the support of Lomonosov Moscow University Baku branch, Education Ministry, Youth and Sports Ministry, Heydar Aliyev Center. SOCAR has been the sponsor of these events. 292 young people from 75 countries took part at 47th International Chemistry Olympiad which enabling bright young people to test their knowledge. Olympiad President, Rector of Moscow State University Baku branch, Corresponding Member of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Professor Nargis Pashayeva wished success to youth in her speech at her opening ceremony. And said that, successful future was depend on pure-hearted and clearly-minded people-scientists army. Under 20-year-old students tested their knowledge at the competition from July 20 to 29. Olympiad was held at Moscow State University Baku branch. Provided with the most modern equipment Chemistry laboratories created in this education center which strengthen teaching of science and education base. At present, Chemistry faculty of Baku branch is considered one of the most powerful country in this area.