"Azerbaijan`s possession of large reserves of oil and gas is our nation`s good fortune and is the most important factor for the welfare of its people and the country`s development, now and in the future".
Heydar Aliyev

The 22nd International Caspian Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference

On June 3-5, 22nd International Caspian Oil and Gas conference were held in Baku. The organizer of forum “ITE Group Plc” Senior Advisor of the..

Special attention is paid to students and young professionals’ practical knowledge increasing at SOCAR personnel training. 


Paid summer internship

To this end, Human Resources department of the company have been performed “Paid Summer internship” project since 2010. Every year Azerbaijan citizens majoring in oil-gas, oil-gas installations, drilling, geophysics, geology, process automation,computer,construction, pipelines, ecology, oil-chemistry and chemistry engineer, power engineering, economist and programist professions were involved to summer production experience in Azerbaijan Republic and different institutes of the foreign countries in this project frame. They increase their experimental knowledge in different areas of oil industry, gets acquainted with real work conditions, either collects detailed information about SOCAR. Summer experimentation continues 1 or 2 month depending on the students’. Temporary employment contract is concluded with students under the term of the program and they recruited as the lowest degree specialist and got wages. Since 2010 3827 person applied for joining to this program and 1061 person has been chosen for practice . From country and foreign 80 Institute, 1023 student has applied for this year “Paid Summer Internship “ project competition. 203 student admission to experimental project. It should also be noted that, 86 of them are grant holder of SOCAR.